Pikinini SMS

for only vuv800

800 Credits on SMS.vu

3 Month availability

8 credits per SMS for Vanuatu

14 credits per SMS for International

Chief SMS

for only vuv32,000

40,000 Credits on SMS.vu

1 Year availability

8 credits per SMS for Vanuatu

14 credits per SMS for International

20% Discount




SMS.vu offers you a cheap and easy to use online SMS marketing tool in Vanuatu. Connect to your client area, create your address book and send SMS to your clients in seconds, whenever you want, from wherever you want.

SMS.vu Market

Whether you wish to announce a sale, send vouchers or inform your client their order is ready, you can send SMS to Vanuatu or anywhere else in the world in just a few clicks with SMS.vu Market. This is the most simple and cheap solution to keep in touch with your clientele.

SMS.vu Robot

You wish for your clients to be able to order via SMS? Or send an automatic reminder for an appointment ? Our engineering team can help you make this possible, after a study of your technological environment, we will set up solutions to make your automation dreams come true.

Questions ?

Any questions about our services? If the answer is not below, contact us.

Statistics prove that SMS marketing is a major medium to pass down information. Texts are usually read within the 3 minutes after reception, and 98% of people read marketing texts, while people don’t usually bother reading marketing emails. Short, well written messages also have a statistically higher memorization impact than flyers, TV, radio or newspaper.
It is a fast, efficient and cheap way to make your clientele come back, by providing them with better service or informing them of current promotion, in Vanuatu or elsewhere.

The service you subscribed to is not being as quiet as you expected ? We understand you might want to opt-out. All you have to do is send us a message, specifying the message you received, through our contact form, and we will make sure to delete you from the address book of the person who sent you the message.


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SMS.vu version 1.5

EBS is proud to announce that SMS.vu version 1.5 is now live. New features: SMS Variables: You can now use the following variables in your SMS messages: {firstname} : Will ...

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SMS.vu version 1.4

EBS is proud to announce that SMS.vu version 1.4 is now live. New features: Email confirmation when a campaign is sent Add of each campaign cost in the overview page ...

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SMS.vu Use cases

SMS.vu services can be useful for everybody, in Vanuatu or anywhere in the world. You don’t believe us? Here are some examples : Tour operators: SMS.vu Market: Inform your participants ...

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