Those term of services come in addition to the General EBS Term of Service, and apply specifically to the service.

    1. Engineering Business Services shall not be liable for any short-term or long-term interruption of the data transmission to the mobile phone of the User/receiver. Engineering Business Services expressly does not guarantee that an SMS message is always received properly and on time and does not guarantee the complete and permanent availability of all services.
    2. Message recipients are allowed to open a ticket to Engineering Business Services through their online portal to ask to be removed from the lists of a specific supplier.
    3. Engineering Business Services shall not disclose the history of the use of the service except after official request by the Police of Vanuatu or a decision of the court of justice.
    1. User is fully responsible for the content of SMS messages sent by User, customers of the User or a third party at the request of the User. User indemnifies and holds Engineering Business Services harmless for damages resulting from the content of sent SMS messages.
    2. Engineering Business Services is entitled to view – electronic or otherwise – any messages (sent or to be sent) from the User, in order to see whether the content meets or does not infringe the provisions of this article.
    1. User shall be due a fee (as determined by Engineering Business Services) per SMS message. Payment, if applicable plus VAT, will be made in the manner specified by Engineering Business Services.
    2. Engineering Business Services is entitled to change its fee for SMS messages. If User does not wish to accept the changes regarding the fee and/or costs, the User is entitled to terminate the agreement.
    3. Unless a separate agreement has been entered between User and Engineering Business Services, Engineering Business Services works based on prepaid (prepayment). User buys SMS credit (credits) and can use the purchased credit after payment.