Use cases

See how you could use our SMS automation service

  • Connect your applications

    Save time by automatically sending SMS' after certain events.

  • Send reminders

    Your clients are not showing up ? Connect our SMS platform to your agenda and send SMS to remind people of their appointment time and place.

  • SMS Booking

    You could let people book a tour or a room by simply sending you an SMS.

  • Create interraction

    What movies are showing today ? What if I just had to send an SMS to find out ?

Do you want to receive an SMS when someone orders from your website ?

Would you like people to be able to check how many seats are available on your next tour ?

Or do you want an SMS to be automatically sent to your clients when their order is ready to pick up ? technical team can meet with you to study how to make your ideas happen.

As every need and technical environments are different, we cannot provide a fix price for this kind of services.

The best we can do is meet you to discuss your idea and its feasibility before providing a personalized quote. technical team will have to audit your environment to study the feasibility of your idea.

We will then provide the tools to connect your environment to our platform, it can be a simple script running on your server or need a bigger infrastructure, it all depends on your needs, that we will do our best to satisfy.

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